Susan is the vision and the inspiration behind Susan Corsten Interiors. With over fifteen years of experience as an interior designer, Susan is a seasoned expert who approaches every design opportunity in the same way: by listening critically, creating fresh ideas and remaining committed to excellence. Her approachable attitude is refreshing and inspiring, while her exceptional sense of style and discriminating eye for design produces stunning, and harmonious interiors.

SCI believes that the interior design process, like the design solution itself, should be fluid. From the initial consultation, SCI encourages and guides clients to help them define, refine and create their very own style. Time is taken to understand the functional needs of the client, their personal design vision and current interior challenges they may be experiencing. Once all this information has been assessed, it’s used as a basis for the design. Throughout this collaborative process, designer and client are seen as visionary partners. By working together, SCI assists clients in creating tasteful, elegant, functional and completely unique interiors whether designing for an urban loft, a suburban home or a small business’ office space.

To be committed the highest level of design excellence and to foster communicative relationships that provide our clients with an enjoyable experience as their space, whether it be their home or office, is transformed into a stunning and sophisticated interior that they are proud to call their own.

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